Work Process

Establishment of Partnership
A partnership is formed out of a contract. Co-ownership is formed either from an agreement or by the operation of the law, such as by inheritance. A partner is an agent represent the other partners. A co-owner is not a representative of other co-owners.
A business assessment is a systemized, procedural analysis and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) that can accurately communicate your current reality, opportunities, and the gaps in between. In short, it's a trip to the doctor for a check-up on your business.
Solution Design
Solution Design is the first step towards the eventual physical deployment of any solution. It's a blueprint for what needs to be built out. Solution Design serves as an overarching reference for the entire project setting, including the direction for and expectations from the implementation phase.
Solution Delivery
In essence, solution delivery is a method of ensuring successful transition to a new business and/or technical state and the associated benefits realised by the organisation. This method requires: A thorough understanding of the organisation's business objectives. Defined set of stakeholder expectations.